Another Echo, curated by Allie Tepper at SculptureCenter (NY), Jan 28-Apr 2, 2018

Outdoor Living, organized with Jenni Crain at Rzeplinski (NY), Sept 30-Oct 1, 2017

Nine, group show at The Queens Museum (NY), April 9-August 27, 2017

Ice Wine, organized with John and Margaret at Rzeplinski (NY), Feb 18-19, 2017

White Knuckle, performance at Kate Werble (NY), February 3-4, 2017

Shroom Show, group show at Helper (NY), Oct 22-Nov 19, 2016

"New York Shows Where You'll Find Exciting Young Artists," Artsy, Sep 30, 2016

9 Evenings +50, performance at Fridman Gallery (NY), Sep 23, 2016

Ousia, group show at Unisex Salon (NY), Sep 17-Oct 29, 2016

Tapping, group show at KANSAS (NY), Aug 6-Aug 31, 2016

#1 hit, performance at Storm King Art Center (NY), July 23, 2016

Snow Show, organized with Kyle Dancewicz at Rzeplinski (NY), July 16-17, 2016

Stages, performance at The Kitchen (NY), May 5-6, 2016